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The Story of The Vintage Paperboy

Vintage Paperboy is a Naples Florida-based family business that focuses on vintage postcards and other ephemera.  However we didn't start that way!

Initially Vintage Paperboy was MC Trading Company, which focused on saving perfectly good clothing from ending up in landfills.  We saved over 2 Tons of clothing over the years.  As you can see, we STILL have thousands of clothing items for sale and will continue to carry them until they are all gone, hanging on to our environmentalist roots.

In 2020, we decided that we wanted to sell items that had more meaning to us and preserved the memories of history.  Nothing does that better than vintage postcards, photos and other historical documents. 


So we quickly moved into what we are today...the best source for information about the hobby and ephemera.

We continue to grow our inventory and improve the store; if we don't have what you are looking for, please feel free to reach out to us and ask, we may have your item but it is just not listed yet.

Thank you for looking at our store, following us on social media and watching our blog and videos.

Vintage Postcards
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